Time to Button Up

We’ve got quite a bit accomplished over the past three weeks. It’s getting cold out there and really, there’s nothing like impending cold weather to make you pick up the pace and finish outside work.


The windows have been sitting and waiting for us for about a month. With a few windy days keeping the workers off the roof it seemed time to put in the windows.

Our windows arrive

All 14 windows were installed in a day. The big gable end windows are going to be delivered next week and they should take a day each to install because they are so large. Picking windows wasn’t easy. We went back and forth about what kind of windows to get. At first I wanted all fixed windows. We do tell everyone to keep their cats in carriers but still people take them out and sit them on their laps. I sure didn’t want anyone to open a window and have a cat fly off of someone’s lap and go out a window. Yet, there are times during the year that having natural ventilation, rather than indoor air would be good for everyone, pets and people. So I made a decision that we’d just have to be very strict with our “keep your cat in its carrier” rule in the waiting room, make sure we had sturdy screens when we opened windows and go with windows that opened. The staff is happy with that decision and we all love our new windows and look forward to opening them in the springtime.

All windows installed

The Roof

Again, glad it’s not my job. High wire act is not for me althhough I enjoyed watching it being done. First the entire roof was sheathed with plywood.

Sheathing the roof with plywood

The plywood reenforced the roof trusses and were the base for the tar paper and shingles to come. Once it was all looking perfect with clean new plywood covering the roof, the plumber came along and cut a bunch of holes in it. Who knew there were some kind of plumbing pipes that get vented through the roof.

holes in my new roof

Soon though the crazy high wire guys were back on the roof again applying tar paper and shingles and buttoning up the holes the plumber had made. In a moment of sanity the boss didn’t allow them to go up on the roof one morning when frost made it a slippery mess. The workers thought he was overreacting! Anyway, it took about a week of labor and our roof shingles are in and with the addition of temporary doors the building is pretty much water tight.

Finishing up the Framing

We’re now just about finished with all the framing. As soon as the big gable end windows and the doors get installed the building will be all buttoned up. Already the plumber has started the rough plumbing and is starting the install the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. He tells me that in about 2 weeks we’ll begin to heat the building. Everyone will be happy when working inside no longer feels like being in the arctic.

When Will We Be Done?

As the building has become more obvious people keep walking into the office and ask us “so when will you be moving.” At the moment we’re hoping for a late February opening.  That of course depends upon everything getting here on time, no exceedingly terrible weather, and no sudden surprises. Hopefully as we get further along I’ll be able to be more precisely tell you all when we’ll be open to see your pets and to give everyone a tour.

One thought on “Time to Button Up

  • doggieHowser says:

    Hey Leslie…I’ve been so busy with planning that i haven’t had a chance to look at any messages on the blog. The second floor will be for offices and one of the dormers (opposite the street side) will be a free roaming cat boarding room. We really are excited about this its going to be awesome!

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