First Blog About Our New Veterinary Hospital

Vet bldg for display


I’m sure by now that most of you know we are building a new hospital. It will be 3 miles north of our existing hospital at the intersection of Route 9 and South Cross Road in Staatsburg. We have been here for 36 years!  Frankly, its time (more than time!) we moved into our own building.

I originally planned to keep everyone up to date on Facebook as we progressed with the new hospital. I thought that weekly posts would be a great way to show everyone what was going on. Unfortunately it soon became evident that many weeks went by without anything at all going on. This was specially true during the winter.  I had nothing to write each week; no new pictures, no new information about our hospital. And I thought that if I only made monthly posts people would forget and soon lose  interest. 

So although I made a few announcements on Facebook and posted some pictures and videos, nothing else was done. 

Now that the spring is here we’re starting to work on the building again. Events are going to move much more quickly now.  So many people expressed interest in our new hospital that I really want to keep everyone up to date on what is happening.

I thought about using Facebook again but I  wasn’t really happy with the Facebook posts. Facebook is great for many things but is not really suited IMHO for long paragraphs and discussions. So I thought a blog might be the right way to keep you all abreast of our project.

I have decided to begin this blog from the beginning.; starting on the day I purchased the property. Over the next few weeks I’ll post all the events that happened since we started our new hospital project and quickly bring you all up to the present. After that I plan to keep the blog up to date (probably weekly) as we proceed with the construction of our new hospital throughout the summer.

I hope to see you here and look forward to your comments.

Dr. Mintzer (doggiehowser@midhudsonvet.com)

3 thoughts on “First Blog About Our New Veterinary Hospital

  • Jane Banton says:

    Hi, congrats on your move, question….will you be boarding cats?

    • doggieHowser says:

      yes, we’ve got a great cat condo area with free roaming for well behaved cats

    • doggieHowser says:

      Yes we will. We have a large room with condos and cats will be given separate times to free roam around the room, look out the window and watch the TV with cat appropriate shows!

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