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Time to Button Up

We’ve got quite a bit accomplished over the past three weeks. It’s getting cold out there and really, there’s nothing like impending cold weather to make you pick up the […]

Hurry Up and Wait-Again….

It’s crazy how things go in fits and spurts. Over the past two weeks the framers seemed to be working like crazy getting the first floor finished and adding supports for […]

Moving On and UP

Lots of Things Going on Out of View If you look at the building from a distance you’d think that nothing went on this week. And that would be very far from […]

The First Floor is Done!

Wow things really start moving at this stage of the game. My contractor had told me that once the slab was poured I should be ready to see things take […]

We Switch Into High Gear

Changes are a ‘comin There are certain signs that you see which tell you that a page has turned. For the seasons its the first robin of spring, the first snowflake […]

What’s In A Name?

How I Chose the Name for My Hospital In 1981 I was still living in a house between two cornfields in the town of Walden, Orange County.  Dutchess County was new […]

Let’s Put Our Best Foot Forward

It’s finally started…We’re off! A Strong Foundation  After waiting and waiting our building permit was finally (finally, finally, finally!) approved. So I thought, let’s start…now-tomorrow! But then we hit another […]

It’s All About Approval

We Learn What We Need to Get Approved I was not looking forward to going before the planning board. Ever since I started this project I had heard nothing but […]

We Need a Septic System

It was now obvious that there was nowhere on the property which could handle a septic system without major modifications. So, working with our engineer, excavator and the Dutchess County Health […]